The most important factor about The Jump Party is that it is entirely YOUR party. You are in charge. Everything to do with the party is up to YOU the children.

However, we the adults will help you to organise whatever it is that you might require or need on the day.

We are asking that the staff at your schools  will help you all with your thoughts and ideas about what might take place at the Jump Party.

The Jump Party will start officially at midnight ( GMT ) at the beginning of 21st June, 2016 and will come to a close at midnight on the evening of 21st June.

As of today the three key events of the 24 hour party are as follows:

All the children and teenagers will be awake to watch the sunrise.
For many, this may be their very first experience of watching the sunrise.
They will simply say, "Good Morning" to the sun, and to each other.

At midday ( GMT ) all the children and teenagers will release a red balloon  (representing a Big Heart)  and open up an umbrella with a BIg Heart painted on it.
They will then say the Biggest "Thank You" to the Sun that the Sun has ever heard.  And they will all shout, "We Love You."

At midnight (GMT) every child and teenager who is able will Jump into the air.
Those who are unable will be lifted off the ground just before midnight.
This is so that for the very first time since before mankind has been on the earth, there will be no child or teenager standing on the earth for just a second.

This will allow for a Big Sweep under all of their feet so that when they land, it will be a New Earth. 

Here are some more thoughts and ideas already put forward by some of the children.

  • Each child will link hands.
  • Each child will light a candle of Peace.
  • Each child will make a silent wish.
  • Each child will write a wish on a piece of paper with or without their name. 
  • Each child will say thank you to the Sun for everything it gives us.
  • Each wish will be shown on the biggest Wish List ever compiled.
  • Each child will say thank you to the Earth. 
  • Each child who wishes to, will be given the chance to speak about something they are passionate about.
  • Each child will smile for 5 minutes, synchronised around the world, with a smiley face showing on all the screens.

'Smile 4 mileS'

Love Hearts with special messages  will be passed around.

  • We will sing and dance and play instruments.
  • We will have our own Olympics.
  • We will do whatever creative activities we choose.
  • We will read our own stories.
  • We will write and perform our own plays.
  • We will make our own films.
  • We will prepare and cook our own food.
  • We will all sit together and talk and listen to one another.
  • We will laugh.
  • We will all have the very best day of our lives.

You the children will express yourselves in any way you wish.
And the adults will do all they can to help and encourage you.
This day is for you and your future.
This is your World and the adults are going to help you to put things right,
so that you can have the future you deserve and wish for.

This of course is the biggest and most important wish of all.

You will all know that you are being listened to, perhaps for the very first time.
It is all upto you. 

And of course, it is upto the grown ups to help you make all your wishes come true.

The Team

Aida Niang

Trevor Murphy


Laurie Temple
The Party

Chloe Goodchild

Flinton Chalk
Megalithic Coordinator




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